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iPods and the like

iPod nano (watching only, no synch recording envisaged)

All video clips can be downloaded. Their format is ITU-T H.264, which allows you to play the clips on almost any video player, including iPods and similar devices.

You can play the clips on any iPod with video capabilities, including the iPod nano (from 3rd generation on) or any iPhone, and watch your preferred clips virtually in any place at any time.

On a 8 GB model you will be able to fit about one hundred clips.

To upload the clips from your Linux, Macintosh or Windows personal computer to an iPod or iPhone a file conversion needs to be performed. Follow the following simple steps (for other less common devices please consult your specific user manual):iTunes conversion step

  1. Locate the downloaded clips on your hard disk: the name format is "xxxx-yyyy-ww-ddmmaa.mp4" where:
    1. xxxx is the abbreviation of the speaker's surname
    2. yyyy is the unique id of your clip
    3. ww is the language tag (ISO 639-1 code)
    4. aammdd is the encoding date of the clip
    5. .mp4 is the file extention, indicating that the format is MPEG-4 Part 14 (a multimedia container format standard allowing streaming)
  2. Start iTunes, click on "Movies" from the "LIBRARY", then drag & drop your clips into the movies area: the import phase will be rather quick.
  3. From the menu "Advanced" select "Create iPod or iPhone version". The conversion will take a few minutes for each clip.
  4. Once the conversion is completed, you can synchronise your iPod/iPhone.
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